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To explore the knowledge and attitudes that Latino parents have about confidential health services for their teens and identify factors that may influence those attitudes. Latino parents of teens years old were randomly selected from a large health maintenance organization and a community-based hospital to participate in one-hour focus groups.

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We conducted eight focus groups in the parent's preferred language. There were 52 participants 30 mothers, 22 fathers.

There is a wide range of parental knowledge and attitudes about confidential health services for teens.

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Factors that influence parental acceptability of confidential health services include: This study identifies several underlying issues that may influence Latino youth's access to confidential health services.

Implications for clinical application and future research are discussed. Confidentiality is a Latino maintenance teen tenet of adolescent health care. Clinical guidelines recommend clinicians provide confidential health services to all adolescents, at the same time, they are charged Latino maintenance teen encouraging partnerships with parents in the delivery of adolescent health services.

To date, there is only one study of Latino mothers which qualitatively found mothers misunderstood that confidentiality promotes risky behaviors and undermines their efforts to protect their daughters.

It also provides insights into factors that may influence attitudes in general and those unique to Latino families. A random sample of parents with adolescents years old was mailed a letter from the pediatric chief describing the study.

Spanish and English-speakers were recruited from a large California health maintenance organization and an urban community hospital. The letter included a pre-addressed stamped response card to indicate interest and one-dollar to encourage responses. Clinic staff also distributed and posted flyers with study information. Recruitment Latino maintenance teen consent materials were pilot-tested with Spanish-speakers. Committees on the use of human subjects approved this study.

Participants provided written consent then completed a brief demographic questionnaire. Facilitators assured that their discussion would not be shared beyond the group and that Latino maintenance teen were no right or wrong answers.

The focus group guide Table 1 was based on a literature review and theoretical framework. Questions were open-ended and neutral to minimize bias. Sessions lasted 90 minutes.

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An independent observer monitored each session and took notes on emerging themes, reactions and issues affecting the discussion. Audio recordings were transcribed, translated, and proofed for accuracy. Investigators independently reviewed a series of focus group transcripts and prepared a list of emergent themes.