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Lonely fat guy and his toy

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Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Glaciers of Iceland melt with warmth of Icelandic cinema. Virgin Mountain is distant but full of love, steady like a Lonely fat guy and his toy of cold colors but earnest and sincere same as Fusi who is naming movie.

Embracing Fusi is a complicated state for audiences. It is so easy to love and to be one with him but he reminds us people who are same as him around us and who are ignored by us. It gives an amount of heartache scaled with moral compass of every individual viewer.

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Besides it, the empathy we feel for him gives us a hope to be better person. Fusi may be the most naive man in the world. He has not evil inside and everything is so simple for him even sometimes he can't see the consequences of his actions.

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He doesn't get mad against people who are unfair to him, he even doesn't know what revenge is. Everything he knows is helping other and acting for the common good. But beyond of his fragile look, he keeps a solid persona as same as his size.

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He is like a virgin nature which welcomes the torrid heat of sun and the fruitful spaciousness of rain with same excitement. After all a smile on his face is a relief in our souls. Virgin Mountain promises a good time for watching even though relatively dark and slow shootings. This festival movie reflects the real soul of Icelandic cinema in a very successful way. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.

LinPijuk 17 August This is a story about the meaning of life. If you wonder what it is, see this movie and you will learn that the meaning is to be good and do good deeds.

It is a story of an overweight something man.

He still lives with his mother, and is obviously a virgin. One can say that he is unbelievably childish and naive, but it is his soul that is pure, exactly like children's, that makes this guy who is on the surface unlovable a true hero of modern times.

He responds to bullying with kindness, to indifference with his eagerness to help. As the movie progresses, you will fall more and more in love with this guy and this movie. Although set in freezing Iceland, this movie will warm you hart like not many other. Looking at the plot synopsis, 'Virgin Mountain' may Lonely fat guy and his toy like a typical Kevin James movie: Fusi is a 43 year old, overweight virgin who still lives with his mother, plays with toys and is bullied by his co-workers.

His daily life is dominated by routines.

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Every morning he eats cereals, goes to work, visits his favorite restaurant and calls a radio station to wish for the same song to be played. It is after he breaks his routines that he meets the women he falls in love with. The big difference to movies like 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop' or 'Zookeeper', is that the humor does not result in 'fat guy falls' or 'fat guy has the intellect of a 12 year old', but rather of Fusis naivety Lonely fat guy and his toy his incapability of social interactions.

On the contrary, the score is subtle and fits the cold, but beautiful cinematography of the film. Sadly, the movie is not without its flaws.

The bullies seem more like 6th graders than grown-up men and there is one particular scene that depicts him slightly to naive, which makes him dumber than he actually is.

Nevertheless, these are just minor flaws and don't really hurt the great experience that this movie is.

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I just went out of the Tribeca Film Festival's screening of this movie. Even at the time of giving our vote for the Audience's award, which went on a scale from 1 to 5, we all had the same thought. A five is not enough!

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Although a little slow in the beginning, later on Lonely fat guy and his toy are thankful for that as it is crucial to the development of the character. The photography, the acting, the story. Everything was so subtle and fluid, without much paraphernalia. Great storytelling, great depth in the characters, great acting.

This was the closing Lonely fat guy and his toy of the Sarajevo Film Festival, and my favorite of the films I saw. I want to recommend it to everyone, but it isn't getting much worldwide distribution other than festivals, despite winning an audience award at the Tribeca Film Festival.

It is the story of a huge childlike man - huge in body, huge in spirit. At the beginning his childlike nature seems negative, but he proves to be profoundly beautiful in his loving innocence. Refusing to be hurt, refusing to withdraw from rejection, he is one of the most amazing heroes I have seen. The film is not sentimental - everything does not turn our 'right', but his goodness and hope remain intact as he opens out to the world.

We saw the film in a huge open-air theater, and the audience clapped and whooped and whistled when a girl finally jumped him. A friend said her face got sore from smiling so much! His gorgeous and tragic debut feature Noi the Albino is one of my favourite films, not just of its year or the last decade but all-time.

He followed it up two years later with the very good but not quite as memorable Dark Horse, shot mostly in stark black and white. His first English-language film featured a L.

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Trading a rebellious troubled teen Lonely fat guy and his toy a 43 year old overweight man yet to move out of his mother's house, Virgin Mountain mostly conjures the same magic as it brings back a similar style of filmmaking. In his forties and still a virgin, he's nestled deep in his routines, rarely drinking anything stronger than milk and still buying toys.

At first the film feels like a cautionary tale on the other end of the scale of Noi, where that film is about someone too defiant, and this is about someone too closed off from the world.

He's an airport luggage handler who's never stepped foot out of Iceland nor taken a day off and faces bullying from his co- workers everyday, Lonely fat guy and his toy when it appears that they're trying to help. In order to remove him from his comfort zone, his mother's boyfriend gifts him line dancing lessons as a present, initially as a joke. He almost attends but chooses to sit it out in the car park. However, the more he learns about her, the more it begins to test their hope.

As it's revealed she suffers from depression, and ostensibly bipolar disorder from her ups and downs, he offers wonderful acts of kindness as he cares for her even though she pushes away and he perhaps oversteps his bounds. His understanding of her mental condition is the soul of Virgin Mountain, and it's a contagious sentiment.

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Even when it hits story goals, it does it in an understated way that gives way to bigger character ambitions. Like Noi, it's photographed with a set of beautifully vibrant yet muted colours, though its composition isn't quite as controlled as the film, allowed to be a lot looser. This might not be the most flattering love story, but it's human, and the hope extends beyond instant gratification.

Virgin Mountain is lightweight, but deeply bittersweet and personal in every corner. This is the type of film America doesn't allow itself anymore.

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So when you're out by yourself, in the middle of the day, to watch an obscure Icelandic movie showing at an archaic cinema that now uses a projector rather suited for private use, than public screenings, it all kind of falls into place and reinforces the emotional investment in the whole experience.

And all this is tested once he meets a woman who appears to take an interest in him, enabling him to be the nurturer he is at heart. This story really hit a nerve, as I'm sure it has for many people who have ever felt alone, or love-stricken or stranded. Otherwise, it gently treads the line Lonely fat guy and his toy tragedy, but never crosses it. However, the film does tend to be stereotypically simplistic in its bleakness.


Not to mention that his romantic conception of what is acceptable really pushes the suspension of disbelief to places it should never be pushed. Yet, it is in the romance that the film manages to stay true to itself and believable, hyperbolic gestures aside. Because, hey, we've all been there and sometimes it does play out in your mind the way it all unfolds here. So there it is, an Icelandic experience Lonely fat guy and his toy philosophical proportions, that is quite certain to leave you ruminating at its conclusion.

And empathizing, which is always a good muscle to engage. Quality, intimate and soulful. Magnificent play of the actor, great scenario, more than superb shooting.

Makes you think what people have on Earth unadulterated by modern system. Clean, good and with a huge hearts. They are absolutely natural in thought. Without prejudices, without hatred, violence, greed, anger or a desire to ruin.