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Coach needs to see you after practice

Gay xXx Galleries Coach needs to see you after practice.

Having a mean coach can turn a sport you love into an activity you dread. If your coach yells all the time or belittles, mocks, and insults you, there are different ways to handle the situation.

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 12 references. But figure out what type of behaviors are actually bothering you. Some may cross the line, while others you need to just let go of. Are they calling you inappropriate names? Do they insult your intelligence, appearance, or worth as a person?

These are behaviors that should be reported.

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Take a deep breath when your coach is mean to you. Snapping at or talking back to your coach will only make the situation worse, so take a deep breath every time your coach does or says something that upsets you.

Be patient and wait a moment before responding. You can also try counting to ten to help calm your mind a Coach needs to see you after practice. See their job from their perspective. So when they yell at you, their frustration is likely based on their stress and the pressure to be successful. Maybe your coach was really rude to you when you showed up a few minutes late to practice, but you should have been on time, so admit your mistake.

Arrive early and stay late. Show up to practice thirty minutes early to start warming up, then stay afterwards to help pick up equipment.

Your coach may stop picking on you if they see you working harder than some of your teammates. Coaches should foster your love for a sport, not squash it.

Schedule a time to talk. Ask if you can schedule a time to sit down and talk, either after school or after practice. Tell them specific words they used that you disliked. Have examples ready to go when talking about a certain type of behavior. For example, maybe they called you stupid when you missed a shot during a game. Say how a behavior made you feel. Be honest about whether you felt hurt, humiliated, or scared.

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Tell them if a repeated behavior is making you feel dread when you think about coming to practice. I had trouble focusing for the rest of practice.

Give your coach a chance to change.

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