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Tomoki takes it one greater quantity time

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Conceived and designed the experiments: A neuron embedded in an intact brain, unlike an isolated neuron, participates in network activity at various spatial resolutions.

Such multiple scale spatial dynamics is potentially reflected in multiple time scales of temporal dynamics.

Our observations show that the...

The time scale of large non-Gaussianity in the ISI fluctuations, measured with the Castaing method, Tomoki takes it one greater quantity time up to several minutes, markedly escaping the low-pass filtering characteristics of neurons. A comparison between neural activity during waking and sleeping reveals that non-Gaussianity is stronger during waking than sleeping throughout the entire range of scales observed.

We find a remarkable property of near scale independence of the magnitude correlations as the primary cause of persistent non-Gaussianity. Such scale-invariance of correlations is characteristic of multiplicative cascade processes and raises the possibility of the existence of a scale independent memory preserving mechanism.

An isolated neuron has a volatile memory.

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A neuron in a prepared in vitro brain slice, unlike a neuron in the living brain, is virtually isolated due to lack of synaptic input. After artificial activation of such a neuron, its dynamics recovers to the original state within tens of milliseconds [1].

Although an isolated neuron can summate the history of synaptic inputs, their total history is lost immediately after a spike is fired. Once neurons form a network, however, they exhibit an amazing ability to preserve activity at different time scales. Here we reveal this phenomenon with multiscale analysis of the activity of a neuron embedded in an intact brain in vivo. Such an ability of neuronal networks, but not of isolated neurons, to retain information at different time scales, greatly enriches their computational ability.

This is because now they can make use of the information across the full space-time domain, rather than spatially but at a single temporal scale.

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