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Among that group, insomnia is the most common.

That means there are millions of people at risk of facing serious health problems that lack of sleep can cause, including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Lack of sleep is a big problem for your productivity—and for the company that employs you.

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A Harvard study showed the average worker loses the equivalent of 11 days of productivity every year due to sleep issues. And a study found that poor sleep cost U. The recommended amount of sleep an adult needs is between seven and nine hours each night.

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Recently, an old method used by the U. Army to help soldiers fall to sleep in less than ideal conditions like battlefields has resurfaced.

The Independent says the technique was Army 3 way described in a book from called Relax and Win: Championship Performance by Lloyd Bud Winter. In the book, Winter describes the technique designed by the U. The technique apparently sends you off to sleep within two minutes. The technique mainly involves muscle relaxation, breathing, and visualization tricks anyone can do.

At the end of these steps, which should take about two minutes, lie down and turn out the bedside light. But then something changed starting at around the ninth night. I relaxed my muscles and visualized swinging in a velvety hammock.

And the next thing I knew, Army 3 way was around 3 a.

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I was deeply tired and only woke enough to swing my legs into bed and turn off the lamp. But the event gave me hope, and the next night I did it again.

Next thing I remember is waking eight hours later, feeling rested. So I can confidently say this decades-old technique worked for me.

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But as the weeks went on, the trick seemed to work Army 3 way often than not. And it seemed to work more effectively when I visualized myself in a velvety hammock instead of in a canoe, so it helps to switch up visualizations to see what works best.