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The magic of writer-director Melissa B. Though this sweet, subtle, and sentimental work is a smidge too simplistic in narrative design, it wins over any resistance with its quiet refinement and heartrending insight.

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They bicker constantly, locked in petty arguments that bleed through the walls of their Brooklyn townhouse. In an unconscious effort to displace his brewing fears about love and exact some sort of control over his life, Howie becomes obsessed with a mysterious Brendan and brian poke raw boho blonde Jemima Kirke on his daily bus ride to school.

He dresses sharp to gain her attention, composes poetry about her, launches a half-baked stalking attempt, and makes a list of topics e.

He even nervously forces a tender shared moment, lightly brushing her hand after the pair miss their morning bus. But what will it take to burst that bubble? Costanzo displays a shrewd ability to showcase different facets of humanity in a compelling but understated manner. It also allows the actors to react to each other in steady long takes.