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Crapper held nine patents, three of them for water closet improvements such as the floating ballcock. He improved the S-bend trap Publick crapper inventing the plumbing trap U-bend. The firm's lavatorial equipment was manufactured at premises in nearby Marlborough Road now Draycott Avenue. The company owned the world's first bath, toilet and sink showroom, in King's Road.

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Crapper was noted for the quality of his products and received several royal warrants. Manhole covers with Crapper's company's name on them in Westminster Abbey have become one of London's minor tourist attractions.

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His father, Charles, was a sailor. Inhe was apprenticed to his brother George, a master plumber in Chelsea and thereafter spent three years as a journeyman plumber.

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InCrapper set himself up as a sanitary engineer, with his own brass foundry and workshops in nearby Marlborough Road. The firm received further warrants from Edward as king and from George V both as Prince of Wales and as king.

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InCrapper retired, passing the firm to his nephew George and his business partner Robert Publick crapper Wharam. Crapper lived at 12 Thornsett Road, Anerleyfor the last six years of his life and died on 27 January He was buried in the nearby Elmers End Cemetery.

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Inthe Crapper company was Publick crapper by then owner Robert G. Bolding went into liquidation in The company fell out of use until it was acquired by Simon Kirby, a historian and collector of Publick crapper bathroom fittings, who relaunched the company in Stratford-upon-Avonproducing authentic reproductions of Crapper's original Victorian bathroom fittings.

As the first man to set up public showrooms for displaying sanitary ware, he became known as an advocate of sanitary plumbing, popularising the notion of installation inside peoples homes. He also helped Publick crapper and develop improvements to existing plumbing and sanitary fittings.

As a part of his business Publick crapper maintained a foundry and metal shop which enabled him to try out new designs and develop more efficient plumbing solutions. Crapper improved the S-bend trap in The new plumbing trap U-bend was a significant improvement on the "S" as it could not jam, and unlike the S-bend, it did not have a tendency to dry out, and did not need an overflow.

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