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Not too loud, baby girl!! Then I will keep fucking you until I fill you full of my cum!

Shooting it deep inside of your sweet pussy! Go ahead and bite my hand, moan with your mouth full of my fingers! It was the only thing Sophie could say - the only sound she could get out with her face shoved into her pillow and mouth covered by a cloth and her panties shoved in her mouth - as Shawn plowed into her, hands bound behind her back.

He grunted and groaned in her ear, biting at her skin and licking at her sweat. His strong arms flexed on either side of her as he buried his face in her hair and sniffed like some dog at her.

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Sophie screamed around her gag, blacking out as an intense orgasm ripped through her so hard she saw stars then blackness. When she came to, her brother had her on her back and was fucking her wildly, her cunt sticky and flooding with cum. He rapidly pounded her throat.

Her cunt soaked her panties as this powerful man used her in just the way she had craved and fantasised about. She could feel him reaching his climax as his cock started to swell in her throat. She thought she would soon Engulf my penis and bare slam me swallowing a big load of man juice when he pulled out and stopped! He took her beauty in for a second, she was wearing silky black bra and panties with sheer black stockings encasing her spread legs.

He reached into his bag and took out a large knife. Slid it up between her breasts and sliced her bra in two. She gasped as her huge breasts cascaded loose. Dropping the knife he stripped of his remaining clothes.

There would be time for all the kink they had talked about but right now it was just them.

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Two lovers giving themselves to each other completely. He slid inside her silken depths with ease. The slow gentle grinding he started off with soon turned into an intense hard fucking that was exactly the sort thing she craved.

The world became a small place, just the two of them and their bodies and emotions. Neither of Engulf my penis and bare slam me were interested in holing back anything any more.

Soon they could both feel her body start to shudder with the intensity of the climax she was experiencing. Her climaxing cunt squeezed his cock so hard it was not long before he was driving in hard and with a loud grunt she felt Engulf my penis and bare slam me cock unload inside her. They held each other close as the emotions subsided and she soon fell into a jet-lagged sleep with his cock embedded inside her, soon he was asleep in her arms too. He had agreed to meet in the bar.

But she was late, they had spent ages sorting out a babysitter and now she was late. She should have been here half an hour ago but there was no sign of her. He took another swig of beer.

The cute curvy one in the slinky outfit looked amazing. He got up and walked over to her, with every step it slowly dawned on him that the sexy girl was actually his wife! She smiles at this man. Her revelation made him nearly jump out of character. Frankly it nearly made him bend her over the bar and fuck her brains out, but instead he stayed with the story.

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The only thing she can focus on is wondering how hard did she make him with those two little words. He moves up to the bar desperately trying to hide the fact that his erection is trying to tear his zip open. He order the drinks then goes back to talking to this beautiful woman.

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Tall, Dark brown hair and the greenest eyes I have ever seen. We will make more cute babies for sure. She was instantly wet from his words. Her pussy was twitching with excitement for what he had in store for her. In that moment she was more turned on than she ever had imagined. She was pretty sure she had soaked through her panties. The need to breed overriding everything and her fertile pussy longing to feel him inside me.

He paid the bill then called a cab. Seconds later his phone pinged and he took her by the hand out to the waiting cab. As they walked through the bar he enjoyed the way that every guy in the Engulf my penis and bare slam me had his eyes fixed on the woman he was with. He gave instructions and they jumped in the back. No sooner did the cab start moving then he kissed her…really kissed her.

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His other hand slid up her leg and under her skirt as he did so. She gasped at his touch. He slid his hand further up reaching the silky gusset of her panties. They are already wet, so he slips his fingers up to top where he feels the little button of her clit and starts rubbing it Engulf my penis and bare slam me through the fabric.

He slipped his fingers under the fabric and started to stroke the little button of her clit faster. Wanting her to come he offered her a little encouragement. He slips 2 fingers inside her whilst his thumb rubs her clit. She could feel the intensity building. She wanted to cum on his fingers so badly. They get out and she is clearly having trouble standing her cunt is dripping like a leaky tap and her flimsy panties are not up to the job of holding it back.

Her juices dribble down her legs. He pays and they walk into the hotel.

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