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Um, this is my first time writing any sort of story in a long time. I suggest checking it out, especially if you are a big fan of Disney. Welp, here it goes…. It was a cold and dark night as two figures lay asleep in a small clearing of a wooden area.

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Nothing else accompanies them aside from soft chatter of the wild and the muted crackling of a dying fire. Everything seems to be in peace, but was soon interrupted by faint moans of distress.

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One of them started to toss and turn as the moans started to arise in volume, which then started to turn into incoherent mumbling.

This continues on for about a minute or so before he snaps upright. One hand Guys sleeping naked tumblr onto his shirt, slightly above where his heart resided; while the other closed tightly onto the grass. He slowly paused as he took into account his tightly clenched fists, the light trembling, and fast beating heart.

While taking deep breaths in order to compose himself, he then notices the slight wetness of his cheeks and the sense of heaviness that weighed on his heart.

He quickly rubbed away tears that were starting to fall. Puzzled as to why he was crying, he started to sort out his thoughts as he tried to remember what he was dreaming about. Only for him to become frustrated as nothing seemed to have come up. Why was he crying, did he had a nightmare? It Guys sleeping naked tumblr to be, why else would he wake up like this? He saw his brother from the corner of his eye, undisturbed in his slumber. His eyes scanned the surrounding area, looking for the best direction to head off to.

Only when he gazed up to the trees that he figured that climbing up a tree was a better option then moving to another section of the environment. At least he will be able to keep an eye on his brother while having his privacy at the same time. He proceeded to head towards the trees and climb on one of them with as much stealth as he could muster.

Once he reaches the near top, he stops and lets out a slight wheeze Guys sleeping naked tumblr settling on a sturdy branch. He sits there gazing up to the now fading stars and listens to the muted sounds of mother nature, which were amplified by his Guys sleeping naked tumblr hearing.

And now everything was starting to catch up to him. He feels so empty without his sweetheart, his other, yet better half. He misses her lovely laugh, her bubbly yet down to earth personality, and her sunny smile. She always brightens up his day. She is perfect in very way, unlike him.

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He still has no idea how he got lucky enough to have her. He just wants to embrace her and never let go, to forget about the rest of reality. She is almost his entire world, only his brother came to a close second….

Or is it because of something else? Mickey, his brother and only best friend, but also his worst enemy. He loves him, and yet, he also resents him so much. No matter what he does, Mickey is clearly the better one. He can never do anything right. In a fit of rage Oswald let out roar as he puches his fist against the bark of the tree.

This causes the tree to shake Guys sleeping naked tumblr several birds to take flight due to fright. But Oswald pays no mind as he continues Guys sleeping naked tumblr the tree more punches despite the painful throbbing of his hand and the tears of pain and fury. Is it really too much to ask?! He wants to yell, to hurt, he wants Mickey to die….

Oswald suddenly stops as that last thought comes to mind. He looks down at his slightly bleeding fist with a blank look on his face, one that slowly morphs into horror. A noise of disgust escapes from his throat. How dare he thinks this way? A wail starts to build up from the back of his throat as he continues to look down at his trembling bloody fist. His vision became blurrier as he started to curl up into a shivering ball.

The pressure became stronger as the time passes.

The wail of despair finally escaped from his mouth. It took an hour and a half before Oswald could somewhat compose himself and by that time, the sun had started to rise. He sat there a bit numb to the world after unleashing most of his bottled up emotions.


The only thing that had still remained was the heavy weight in his chest, but he no longer paid it any mind. He took a shaky deep breath before he rubbed the tears away.

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He had to hurry and completely calm himself before Mickey wakes up and they continue on their journey. Once his feet touched the ground, he walked over to his peacefully sleeping brother, put a watery smile on his face, and lightly shook him awake. Me, thinking about cockroaches: In their world, bad dreams have the ability to physically manifest in certain forms, and if they get powerful enough, escape into reality; these Guardians do their best to prevent that.

Also, this is much more sketchy than the other ones were but it was done in like… a fifth the time so haha Art blog: Guys sleeping naked tumblr is required to view this site.

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I made coffee with an energy drink instead of water. How do you feel? My heart stopped beating two hours ago.

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Selfish Um, this is my first time writing any sort of story in a long time. Wow, he really needs to work a bit more on his endurance.

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He wants to yell, to hurt, he wants Mickey Guys sleeping naked tumblr die… Wait a minute… Oswald suddenly stops as that last thought comes to mind. How could he even think this way? His heart suddenly felt heavier than before. Ugh why did I even call you. Do you want me to get your mom?

I can run next door and be right back?

listen im a simple bean....

And never forget it. Such is the life of an adventurer. Yer roadrat comics are flippin beautiful! Also, a message from Junkrat. Hypnosis in the park. That's it boy, sleep tight, you've had a long day. Winning.

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