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Gym shower tumblr

Gay Pics Gallery Gym shower tumblr.
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I walk into the locker room, throw my clothes off and head to the showers. The water is warm.

I take a handful of the shower gel that the gym supplies in buckets and start lathering up. I like putting on a show, and for the most part, the other people at my gym seem OK with it too.

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The couple of guys showering around me look as though they like seeing a show. I grab some more soap, bite my lip and…. You do a kind of thing where you press it up against yourself and hide it behind your forearm.

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For anyone to get a good look, either you or the looker has to hold still. Somebody has to lock eyes with your dick to really see it.

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Openly jerking off with your friends and neighbors in the shower is probably unique to gay gyms, but everyone showerbates. The shower is safe.

Gyms have always been an important space for gay men. Sure, we do a bit of jerking off in the shower.

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Maybe you find yourself helping out a buddy or sucking dick. I asked the dude at the front desk why they closed the steam room, and he told me health codes and gym patrons complaining.

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Do I think the health code is wrong? Does it stop me from jacking off in the shower?

So where do I fall? Hire a sterilizer, not a masturbation monitor, fuckers. As far as the gym patrons complaining?