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Pretty soon some mutual gargling happened

Gay Sexy Photo Pretty soon some mutual gargling happened.

OK, here we go. It starts with me floating on my back in the Pacific Ocean. Damned if I can remember for sure whether I was on an air mattress or just floating on my own.

I think I was on an air mattress. It must have been borrowed. Once I dared to ask the question, the answer was obvious: And if by some weird twilight zone twist, it were true, then god was an evil bastard who should be fought against at every turn.

I guess this is where to start the story, since it is the beginning of my life as an adult, the time when I shucked off all the baggage laid on me as a kid and tried to figure things out for myself. It would make a nice visual start for the movie too: What they mostly thought about me was that I should go back to Seattle.

The best comment I got was: There were three of us in the van: Judy was a chick soon to be called woman who had answered our ad in the paper. We were looking for passengers; she was looking for adventure. We took a slow drive down the coast, camping out along the way. Just south of Frisco we picked up a hippie couple with a very small baby and a stash of Panama Red. The trip from Frisco to Malibu was like driving into a hallucination. We camped out by Pretty soon some mutual gargling happened stream on the coast of Big Sur.

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In the morning, we built a campfire and made coffee and oatmeal. The hippie couple washed their baby by holding onto his ankles and dumping him headfirst into the freezing cold stream, sort of like how Thetis bathed Achilles in the river Styx.

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Then they held him by either end and dried him over the campfire. By the time he was dry, he was gurgling and laughing. A happy baby, and plenty tough.

We dropped off the hippie couple at the top of a hill in Big Sur that was supposed to be a mountain and did the last leg of the trip to L. We ended up, by luck, on the only patch of Malibu that was still open to squatters.

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