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The series, based on Fey's experiences as head writer for Saturday Night Livetakes place behind the scenes of a fictional live sketch comedy show depicted as airing on NBC.

Tonally, 30 Rock uses surreal humor to parody the complex corporate structure of NBC and its then parent company General Electric. Club once remarked that it "usually adopts the manic pacing of a live-action cartoon. On July 14,the series was nominated for 22 Primetime Emmy Awards, the most in a Alec a straight guy showing off year for a comedy series.

Despite the high praise, the series struggled in the ratings throughout its run, [11] something of which Fey herself has made light. InComedy Central and WGN America bought the syndication rights to the show, which began airing on both networks on September 19, ; [13] the series also entered into local broadcast syndication on the same day. She supervises cast and crew including star Jenna Maroney, her best friend, while working with network executive Jack Donaghy and page Kenneth Parcell.

In the first episode, Donaghy forces Lemon to hire the unpredictable Tracy Jordan as costar.

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Episodes depict conservative Donaghy and liberal Lemon's disagreements; Maroney's attempts to become a film star; Jordan's eccentric behavior; and the characters' romantic and personal lives. The show satirizes the cultures of NBC, parent company General Electricand the entertainment industry. In later seasons, the show depicts the network being acquired by Philadelphia-based media company Kabletown. She pitched the show that became 30 Rock to NBC, originally as a sitcom about cable news.

After being presented to Reilly once more, the show was set to air during the — television season. During the — pilot seasona pilot was announced named Untitled Tina Fey Project. The 30 Rock pilot focused on the boss of a variety show who must manage her relationships with the show's volatile star and its charismatic executive producer.

The storyline evolved into one that dealt with a head writer of a variety show who dealt with both of the stars, as well as the show's new network executive. The series underwent further changes during the months leading up to and following its debut. The title sequence is made up of photos and video of 30 Rockefeller Plaza and features the series regulars.

The sequence has remained mostly the same throughout the series, although changes have been made to the images of most of the actors. The series features a "jaunty" jazz score. The show has also covered three existing songs, [40] [41] [42] including the song " Midnight Train to Georgia " by Gladys Knight and the Pips. The song had its lyrics altered to accommodate the character Kenneth being "misinformed about the time [of the Other popular songs have been featured with blessings by the singerssuch as " I Will Remember You " or " Bitch ".

Users were also able to read Jack's blogs and upload their own Alec a straight guy showing off advice in video form. The feature reopened Ask Alec a straight guy showing offan interactive question and answer platform in which users could ask Fey questions.

Fey answered the questions in video form. Beginning with season two and ending with season four, several actors received star billing after the opening credits. Morgan was asked by Fey to play the role, and he believed it was "right up [his] alley and it was tailor made for [him]".

McBrayer is an old friend of Fey's they worked together at Second City in Chicagoand she "really wanted him for that part and was very happy when no one objected". Dratch played the role in the show's original pilot, but in AugustJane Krakowski was announced as Dratch's replacement, with Dratch remaining involved in the show playing various characters.

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However, this aspect Alec a straight guy showing off the show was scrapped, [28] thus they required more of a straight-ahead acting part for the role of Jenna.

Although Fey went on to say, "Rachel and I were both very excited about this new direction", [52] Dratch said that she was not happy with the media's depiction of the change as a demotion; [53] furthermore, she was also skeptical about the reasons she was given for the change, and was not happy with the reduction in the number of episodes in which she would appear.

His character was based on at least two writers with whom Fey used to work at SNLbut he has said that he "certainly brought some of [his] own things to it, as well". Adsit, an old friend of Fey's, also had his character written based on him.

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Season one began airing in the United States on October 11,[6] and featured 21 episodes. The show's cast and crew are outraged by this, especially head writer Liz Lemon and main actress Jenna Maroney.

Episodes also become less self-contained and various story arcs develop in the second half of the season. Other story arcs include: Season two began airing in the United States on October 4,[61] and featured 15 episodes.

When Jerry Seinfeld confronts Jack about a new marketing campaign which featured clips of Seinfeld's sitcom, Seinfeldin all NBC shows, he has a chance encounter with Liz that gives her some much-needed advice.

The Musical based on the real film Mystic Pizza.

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Tracy has encountered some marital problems with his wife Angie Jordan Sherri Shepherd and they become separated, but later reunite. During the season, Jack develops a relationship with a Democratic congresswoman named Celeste "C. They later break up. An arc that was established in the first season, but becomes more apparent in the second, regards Jack running for the GE chairmanship against his nemesis Devon Banks Will Arnett.

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The season ends with Liz planning to adopt a child after believing she was pregnant with Dennis' baby. Kenneth also travels to Beijing to be a page at the Summer Olympics and Tracy invents a pornographic video game. Jack ends the season working at a new government job in Washington, DCbut plans to get fired by proposing a "gay bomb". The show experienced a large ratings and popularity spike this season after Tina Fey's highly praised performance as Sarah Palin on SNL.

This is also the season where the show made Primetime Emmy Award history, being nominated for 22 Alec a straight guy showing off. The season consisted of 22 episodes. Salma Hayek [69] also appeared for a multiple-episode arc, portraying Jack's new girlfriend, Elisa. The fourth season of 30 Rock premiered on October 15, Like the previous season, it also consisted of 22 episodes.

A recurring story arc early in the season revolved around Jack's request that Liz cast a new actor for TGSand Liz's subsequent search for the perfect comedian, much to the dismay of Jenna and Tracy, who fear losing their spotlight.

The latter half of the season focused on complementary story arcs: Jack's inability to choose between his two girlfriends, Liz's inability to find a boyfriend to live up to her Alec a straight guy showing off, and Jenna's relationship with a Jenna Maroney impersonator. An episode of 30 Rock' s fifth season was filmed and broadcast live, twice, on the evening of October 14, The two separate recordings resulted in a live telecast of the episode to American viewers on both the West and East Coasts, to ensure both would view a live performance.

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Filmed in front of a live audience, the episode aired at 8: A ratings success, the episode was also met with positive reviews. Part 1" and " On November 15,NBC announced 30 Rock had been renewed for a sixth season, set to air at the beginning ofdue to Tina Fey's pregnancy. Season six finds Liz emotionally maturing while in a new relationship; Jack continues to attempt to recover his wife from North Korea and find his identity at Kabletown, Kenneth moves up and later down the corporate ladder, and Jenna reaches a new level of fame due to being a judge on a reality show, and considers settling down with boyfriend Paul.

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Many LGBT groups called for Tracy Morgan's resignation or dismissal from the show due to anti-gay comments he made between the end of season five and the filming for season six. I realize times have changed. Season seven continues to develop the relationship between Liz and Criss James Marsdenas the pair tries for children and considers getting married. Ultimately, however, he begins to wonder if he is truly happy. Elsewhere, Tracy has found success with his new movie studio, which produces comedy films mostly starring African American actors, in similar fashion to Tyler Perry ; Alec a straight guy showing off prepares to marry her longterm boyfriend Paul Will Forteand Kenneth has started a relationship with Hazel Kristen Schaalunaware that she is using him to get her moment on TGS.

HitFix ranked it the 15th best series final, [19] IndieWire included it in its list of 16 best series finals, [20] and HuffPost named it the 5th best. The first season of 30 Rock was reviewed favorably by critics.

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All the more reason to enjoy the hilarious scenes and fine ensemble cast here". Lowry said, "Despite her success with Mean Girls[Tina] Fey mostly hits too-familiar notes in the pilot.

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Moreover, she's a limited protagonist, which is problematic. At the end ofNewsweek magazine ranked 30 Rock as the best comedy on TV in the past decade, [97] and at the end ofMetacritic reported that the show ranked 12th place in their list of collected Television Critic Top Ten Lists.